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Posted:Apr 5, 2018 6:18 pm
Last Updated:Apr 6, 2018 4:17 pm

I come home early to find you sitting at the computer in just your underwear. The startled look on your face and the way you quickly turned the monitor off when you saw me at the door was enough to tell me you weren’t innocently checking your emails while getting dressed. Your face looked flush, your nipples were hard and there was a damp patch on your knickers. You try to make some excuses as to what was going on but I wasn’t buying any of them. I lean over and switch the monitor back on and there was a guy completely naked on cam, sending instant messages to you asking what happened, and are you still there.
You look at me sheepishly and turn to walk away. I block the doorway. “where do you think you’re going?, I ask. You tell me you are sorry and that you are going to put some clothes on. “You can’t leave the poor bloke all hard n horny like that, I think you should sit back down and continue doing what you were doing”. You blush and begin to argue that it was only fun and and and I lean in and kiss you firmly on the mouth halting your excuses. I then smack you on the butt and tell you “get and finish what you started”.
You reluctantly sit back down and type to the guy that you are still here and everything is fine. He says ‘good, now do you want me to continue’? you look up at me and I nod. “yes’ you type ‘please continue, I want to watch you stroke” I lean down and reassuringly kiss your cheek.
I pull the other chair over and sit down so that im unable to see the reen yet im able to look at you face on. I see the excitement build in your eyes as the guy begins to stroke his sizeable cock for you.
I tell you to act as if Im not here. Before long you have hand in your knickers and the other rubbing your breasts. Im really starting to get aroused now and I TELL you to get naked. You look at me questioningly and I repeat the demand. “Do, it” “if you want to , then we will do it right, get naked now. “ you hurriedly slip your knickers and bra off. “Now let’s give this bloke something to stroke about” “turn the webcam on “ You look horrified at me. “Just do it” I say.
You lean over and turn the webcam on, allowing the guy to see you. I reach down and type on the keyboard. “hey mate, thanks for entertaining my mrs, to re you she would now like to put on a show for you.” The poor guy didn’t know where to look or what to say, but he didn’t sign out.
I grab the arm of your chair and spin it round til you are facing me, I lean down and roughly start to with your nipples, checking now and then that the other guy was still able to see what was happening and that indeed he was still watching. I tell you to take my cock out of my shorts. You slide my shorts down and release my fully erect cock.. “Stroke it’ it was a command not a suggestion and I feel your warm soft fingers wrap around it and start to slide up and down the length. I reach down between your legs and rub your soaking pussy. “Now suck it” “Suck my throbbing cock” I feel your warm breath on my skin as your face slower nears my body. I grab a handful of your hair and force your head. “suck it” You open your mouth and slowly begin to take the length in your mouth out of the corner of your eye you see your online buddy is enjoying the show. You watch as his hand slides up and down his long shaft as you suck and stroke my cock with a renewed sense of hunger. As you suck I lean over and smack your ass. Again and again, commanding that you suck me dry. Telling you that you are going to take my full load in your mouth and that you are going to swallow every drop. You suck and stroke faster and harder and I continue to spank you. The bloke on the computer logged out without us even knowing as we are totally wrapped up in our own hot horny world and I explode deep into your throat.
Sloppy Seconds
Posted:Mar 29, 2018 6:00 pm
Last Updated:Mar 30, 2018 2:26 pm

I lay awake in bed awaiting your return from your date with your fuckbuddy. I hear a car door close, followed by the sound of your high heels on the path leading to the house. I feel my cock stirring as I wait anxiously. I hear the key in the lock then your footsteps as you walk toward our bedroom. The room is dimly lit by the two bedside lamps but it is enough light for me to see that your hair and clothes are ruffled. Soon after you entering the room the air is filled with the smell of sex. You lean over the bed and kiss me. “ Have fun ?” I ask. Your reply is simply a sexy grin.
You stand at the end of the bed and begin to slowly undress, fully aware that I am watching every movement. As you remove your panties I notice a glistening both on them and on your innerthighs. “God, so much cum still dribbling from me” you comment. I moan my approval.
You hold your panties up, ‘Want these ?” you ask with that same cheeky grin. “ You know I do” I reply as I throw the covers off me, revealing my naked body and my fully aroused cock. You climb onto the bed and trail the wet panties over my cock and up to my chest. You wipe the material across my nipples before sucking one then the other. You then straddle my chest and drape your panties across my face. You then put them to your face and inhale deeply before closing your lips on part of the material. My hand grips my cock and I stroke a number of times.
You lean down and we kiss passionately. We both enjoy your panties together before you shift yourself up higher on my body til you are straddling my face. You raise yourself to enable me to see your pussy, swollen, pink and still dribbling cum. You direct the drips to fall in my open mouth. I reach up and grab your hips pulling you forcefully down onto my face. I suck and lick at your cunt feverishly as you tell me about your date. Describing every detail. Each detail arousing me more and more. Finally I cant take it anymore and I manoeuvre you onto all fours and I thrust my cock deep into you in one movement. As I push into you, more cum is expelled. I thrust again and again until I too pump my cum into you. You are exhausted and I tell you we will continue this in the morning……

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