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7/12/2018 5:14 pm
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Well, as every guy has experienced on here, successful chats are typically about as successful as failure to start chat. The results are always the same: abysmal failures. Consider this lame conversation I just had: Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent, or guilty, or who the fuck knows.

Me: Hi 3:33 PM

Me: Tried several times to chat with you. Not sure if chat is not working or you are just ignoring. 3:34 PM

Me: Guess you are just ignoring me? 3:39 PM

Me: This is why it is so hard to take this site seriously. The women almost never respond. 3:44 PM

Her: Why do you say that? 3:45 PM

Me: I've tried to chat with you for several days with no reponse. 3:45 PM

Her: Sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. I am Karen. 3:49 PM

Me: You didn't offend me. It's just that you never responded. I know the women on here get many more messages than the guys, but it gets very frustrating. 3:50 PM

Her: I am sorry. What's your name? 3:51 PM

Me: I'm Paul. 3:52 PM

Me: I'm in XXXXX. 3:52 PM

Her: Nice to meet you paul. 3:52 PM

Her: I am in XXXXX 3:52 PM

Me: Nice to meet you too, Karen. Yes, I saw you were in XXXX. That's why I tried to chat. I'm looking for a female friend close by. 3:53 PM

Her: Are you married? Picture? 3:54 PM

Me: Yes, married. You? 3:54 PM

Me: I have pic on profile, but not face. 3:55 PM

Her: I cant get to the profile unless I sign up 3:56 PM

Her: Yes married 3:56 PM

Me: I am a standard member like you, but I can still see part of your profile. I just hover my mouse over your blank picture. 3:59 PM

Her: I am on my phone 3:59 PM

Me: Oh, it's harder to see partial profiles on phone. Better to use computer, I think. 4:00 PM

Me: You don't have any picture though, just a blank. 4:00 PM

Her: No I have to be discreet 4:02 PM

Her: I can exchange photos but I want to see you too 4:02 PM

Me: Well, I do too. However, I can host for the right person. Are you interested to meet for coffee or something? 4:03 PM

Her: Of course 4:03 PM

Me: Ok, are you around during the day at all? 4:04 PM

Me: Not sure if there is a delay in chat? 4:08 PM

Her: I am answering all my messages 4:09 PM

Me: Are you getting a lot? 4:10 PM

Her: Yes 4:11 PM

Me: Well, if you want to set up a meet, please let me know when is good for you. 4:13 PM

Her: Ok 4:15 PM

Me: Well, if you are not interested to set up something now, I guess I'm going to go. 4:20 PM

Her: Ok 4:21 PM

By the way: This is the portion of text from her profile that I can see as a standard member. It sure sounds like she is serious, right?

"I want to have clean, mutually satisfying fun. Oral sex is my favorite. I have been told I have an amazing tongue. Let's..."

So what is the consensus here folks?
She's not interested. Move on
She's always going to be bombarded with too many messages. You are doomed to failure. Move on.
Try again. Maybe next time will be different.
She's a hired fluffer and of course has no intention of meeting.

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