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Random thoughts rattling in my brain...
Posted:Jul 17, 2018 11:33 pm
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2018 7:22 pm

It is the trailing edge of technology that really changes society not the leading .
The car didn't really change the way we live until the 60's when people left the big s=cities and moved to the suburbs. The biggest change airplanes have made is in the fast and cheap movement of goods all over the world (think Fed-Ex) Computers have just started to have an impact....

Small minds gossip about other people, common minds talk about current events exceptional minds converse in ideas
Almost everybody engages in all three at one time or another but where does your predominance fall among those three?
A Simple story with a deep meaning.
Posted:Jul 16, 2018 5:09 pm
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2018 11:15 pm

There was a gas station with a C store off the interstate on the outskirts of a small town. It was a nice town that had some helpful people that usually stepped up when things got rough. Hank was the owner and still spent lots of time behind the counter. One day a guy comes in after pumping his gas, picks up his items and slaps them on the counter saying "What are people alike around here? We had some people that acted like your friends but wouldn't help when you needed it" He said while digging out his money. Hank smiled and said "we have some people like that around here too" The guy grabbed his things and said "I guess I'll move on" and walked out the door. A couple hours later another guy pulls in and after pumping his gas comes in and gets his items. While paying he asks Hank "What are people like around here? We really had some good people where we were living but I need to move." Hank takes his money and says "We have good people here too" The guy smiles and says "I think I'll stay awhile"
Sample profile if the M/F ratio were reversed
Posted:Jul 16, 2018 2:06 am
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2018 12:07 am

Let's see if we can have a little fun with this. Typically on these sites there are 10 males to every female, to test this I just did a very narrow search that returned 40 females and using the same parameters over 200 males. Given such an imbalance it is understandable that A FEW women get shall we say "Greedy" Trying to get a Cadillac with a pinto bank account. I'm sure if the ratios were reversed women would be reading profiles like this....../SIZE]

48 yr old man, with a little extra padding. I have 5.5" cock and a bad back so if she wants good penetration she should be ready to climb on top. I will do oral if she is freshly showered and shaved at least around the lips, the smell of a musky pussy makes me gag.

My Ideal Person A woman 25-38, HWP who can milk a cock with all three holes. and can host.
Revenge Runner
Posted:Jul 15, 2018 2:18 am
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2018 5:16 am

She loved running in the pre dawn of twilight, it was quiet and everything seemed to promise fresh life for the new day. The first three miles was on sidewalks along sleepy subdivisions at the edge of which she took to a nature trail that would see her just past 5 miles then a couple more home to a shower and breakfast. She always felt energized after an easy morning jog. If the kids were still asleep maybe she could get some sex out of her husband before he went to work.

Not long after she started her trail segment I guy stepped into the path some 10 feet in front of her and said. "I'll bet that pussy is wet and slippery" She stopped dead pulled her tazer off her velcro sport band and let him have it right in the gut. He dropped like a bag of rocks. she reached in her hydration belt and pulled out two short pieces of rope and tied him at the wrists and ankles. By then the tazer was well discharged but he was soft as a wet noodle. "On your knees perv!" she ordered He struggled to his knees she peeled down her shorts and backed into his face. "My ass is sweaty two and could use some cleaning, lick it clean!" she ordered. He made a couple half hearted swipes at her cheeks she reached behind and pushed his face in her crack "Clean damn you!" she said After she felt his tongue on her hole a couple times she put her palm on his forward and gave it a hard shove. her fell over backwards on his back. She told him "I'm afraid a perv like you might even enjoy that, I have a knife and a pair of scissors next time you won't be so lucky!" She pulled up her shorts, cut the rope at his ankles and ran off saying "Have fun explaining how your wrists got tied." When she left the trial a mile or so later she was starting to calm down a little and tried to think who would be best to report this to and decided her local running club would be best because they always helped each other and would not be restrained in how to deal with this guy. This asshole was not going to take her morning runs away from her!
My hot older sister
Posted:Jul 14, 2018 7:34 pm
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2018 1:41 am
A confluence of activities back home this weekend made it worthwhile for me to hop on the motorcycle and make the 300 mile ride to my mom's house to make an appearance at the aforementioned activities. My big sister is currently staying with my mom, the past couple years she has been homeless staying on a rotation between our mom and my sisters two grown children. What a loser some would say but this is not true at all. She raised both her children as a single mother with primary custody their entire lives and when they were grown they ventured out to make their way in the world and are both doing very well. Sis sold her house, banked the money and decided to kick back for a few years traveling and enjoying herself and she damned well deserves it IMHO.

The reason I'm posting this is as a good looking intelligent unattached woman in her 50's she leaves a trail of pathetic horndogs in her wake wherever she goes giving me new insights to what women go through in general.

She's on FB and some guy will send her a friend request, she checks his page and it's filled with pics if him and his girlfriend. She'll msg him back what happened to you girlfriend and he answers they broke up a couple days ago and asks when she can meet him! She sifts through these guys with the keen eye acquired from successfully raising a teenage boy and girl. She chews these guys up and spits them out by the handful every week.

It's easy to see how women become bitter and cynical...
FWB Interview
Posted:Jul 13, 2018 1:44 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2018 8:42 pm

Hat tip to the blog of temptationplus58 [post Investment of Time Her post] Who mentioned that chatting was like a job interview. My twisted mind has taken that a step further and turned the FWB search into a job interview. In this scenario The woman is interviewing the man. Maybe she will step up an doi the reversal!

Let's see here 7 yrs in the USMC above average cock size, still in excellent physical condition. BS in management good job and financially stable. Very nice but why should you get this position? ]

Well I read your profile and you sound like someone who would be interesting and fun in & out of bed. I never apply where I don't think I will be successful ]

Ok Tell me about a situation where your performance was below expectations and what you did to correct it

In bed?

Yes, in bed

Well there was a girl I was dating some years ago and the first time we had sex she had an orgasm but the next two she did not. I was a little concerned so I asked her about it and she said that she needed more fore play before penetration.

What did you do to remedy this?

I knew that extended foreplay would result in me pulling the trigger quickly after penetration so I always masturbated right before our dates

How did this work out?

Fine we both got our cookies!

How do you grade your oral skills?

I would say adequate after practice.


Yes everywoman is different, how quickly and how often. How hard or soft you go on the clit. Nibbles or no nibbles on the labia. Things like that there is a learning curve with every woman

Have you ever received unsolicited compliments?

Yes, I dated an African american woman a few times. Once after fluffing me up to a complete rock hard erection she kissed it and said " Nice cock for a white boy" It may have been a backhanded compliment but I think she meant it.

OK, Thank you I have a better picture of you now, do you hasve any questions for me?

As long as your profile is accurate I think I'm good. When do you think you'll be making a decision?

I'll reflect on this interview when I masturbate tonight and get back to you in a day or two.

Sounds good! I'll do the same and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out
What freakin Drama!?!?
Posted:Jul 12, 2018 6:41 pm
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2018 1:41 pm

You hear it over and over again "I/We don't want any drama!" Considering this claim is coming from a adult hookup site it's laughable and a display of narcissism all rolled into one!

#1 if you engage with someone here that is hiding it and they get caught the drama is theirs not yours. All you have to do is insulate yourself with communication channels that cannot be traced back to you and you disappear. Yes I am sure there has been some people dragged in to testify in a divorce trial but i;m willing to bet that happens about as often as an overweight smoking 50yr old man hooks up with a 110lb 22yr old coed.

#2 You are attaching a high value to your FWB, NSA or whatever relationship and think that if shit hits the fan the other party is going to run to you and say "let's run away together" rather than run for the deepest hole they can find.

Seriously the real drama here is you broadcasting your worries about drama!
A timeline of courtship.....
Posted:Jul 11, 2018 7:25 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2018 5:14 am

June 17th
It all started innocently enough, but doesn’t everything? He was taking his little brother on one of his many upcoming campus tours and in why not make it enjoyable by taking little bro to campus on your motorcycle, not to mention points scored since it was a BMW motorcycle. They stopped at the local gas station to fill up and use the potty, why can’t these kids plan ahead? There was a new worker at the small family owned store. Young with just past shoulder length wavy blonde hair, well proportioned with nothing out of the ordinary as far as looks go. Yet she had an aura of sexuality about her that was unmistakable. He had a feeling she had potential that she wasn’t even aware of.
They chatted while filling up. Seems she just finished her first in college and is working for dad this summer. She likes bikes and he knows her dad has a Goldwing like the one he owned before the Beemer. After he pays he offers her a ride someday, she goes inside little bro comes out and says “what did you say to her?” “Why” he asks. Little bro says “she told me you’d better be good on your offer”. This could be interesting he thinks.

June 26th
Saturday the station closes at noon. He shows up with his bike at 11:00
“Ready for that ride?” he asks. She’s not coy “sure! Where are we going?” She asks. “Bloomington, you can show me all the secret places around campus” he replies. They take the back twisties to Bloomington she sits well and isn’t afraid. One short stop in the country to unwind and soak up the scenery helps set the mood for the day. As they walk around campus they talk. She is one serious girl mature way beyond her yet very innocent in some ways, vulnerable yet strong enough not to be afraid. Seems she finds little challenge in College and has no burning desire that overrides her distaste for the silliness of campus life. She wants to work for her father but knows she will end up doing the lions share of work while her older brothers will reap most of the rewards. He tells her of his separation from his wife and about his life in the Marines. They sit on a bench under the maple trees and share their first kiss.

July 4th
As planned they are going to the Hosier National Forest. There will be a 3 mile hike followed by a climb up the fire tower to watch the fireworks from miles away in every direction. It’s a 6 mile drive back a gravel road to the trail head at the fire tower. She takes it like a pro! They hike down to the lakeside and spread out their light lunch. There is more talk and the feeling of closeness and comfort grows. He is sitting with his back against a tree and she is between his legs leaning back with her back on his chest. His hands wander from her shoulders down to her breasts. He feels more like a 16 than a 30 , what’s up with that. She wiggles into him a little more, “Green light!” he thinks. She has full breasts, not too big or too small they feel perfect, no sag and absolutely full bodied! Her nipples respond quickly and her breathing picks up. He takes his time gently mapping every inch of them with his hands. Leaning over he nuzzles behind her left ear then gives the lobe a playful bite. After a while his right hand drifts down to the waistline of her pants, when he gets a couple fingers under the waistband she looks over her shoulder and says “ we should start back to the firetower or we’ll miss the start of the fireworks” I knew we had time but long ago I learned that what a woman doesn’t give freely isn’t worth having so I smiled and said “You’re right, let’s hit the trail” The ambiance was still very relaxed and positive but down from the high point earlier. They got back to the fire tower, prepped the bike for leaving and went up to watch. All was right with the world again as they watched the show, there were no less than a dozen shows within view and even though the closest was about 5 miles away it was something to see. She was in front of him, he had his arms draped over her shoulders, just keeping her close and warm in the cooling evening air. He said, “ I don’t know how you handle things when they go to far, I don’t want to run you off. Just tell me if you’re ever uncomfortable.” She stepped forward a little and leaned back, with the face of an angel in the moonlight and said “what makes you think I’ve ever went this far before?” Dead silence, what did she mean? He let out a nervous chuckle and held her tighter. On the way down the tower he had to ask. “What do you mean you’ve never went this far before?” Oh, Ive went this far with a few guys but never any farther and I think you’d better decide what is up with your wife before I go any farther with you.” His world just got a whole lot more complicated……..
Random thoughts
Posted:Jul 11, 2018 2:42 am
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2018 5:19 am

My mind has become hyper active the past couple days! I think it's a result of reading profiles here and filling in the blanks or reading between the lines.

1. Unless you flat out say that your willing to fuck or suck anything that walks climbs or crawls it seems that the more details you put in the fewer responses you'll get.

2. People only want honesty when it's in line with what they are looking for, honesty they don't agree with pisses many off.

3. A woman who revels in the joy of sex and is unashamed to let it be known is about as rare here as it is out in the world.

4. Close ups of pussies and assholes on women are almost as common as male cock shots and almost as useless.

5. I have written my first story based on a fantasy that a member here relayed to me. It's not my best effort but I'll probably post it soon.

6. There are some great blogs out there but I find the format not the easiest to navigate and can't seem to find how to setup my private inbox here.
Auto biographical in a way
Posted:Jul 9, 2018 9:53 pm
Last Updated:Jul 9, 2018 9:59 pm

He walked into the bar and surveyed the crowd, a normal weekend collection of neighborhood regulars and passers through on business some engaged on their smartphones some watching sports on TV others just Idly watching the waitresses, bartender and patrons. He noticed an attractive couple in their late-30s engaged in infrequent conversation a sure sign of long familiarity and with the husband as interested in the game as with her so he casually approached the empty seat next to the lady of the couple and asked "may I?" gesturing the empty seat. She gave him a more than slightly casual once over and said "sure"
He ask the Bartender "what do we have on draft, microbrews only please" after receiving the choices and making a selection he looked at her and said "on a night like tonight I'd really rather have wine but since I make my own store-bought stuff doesn't taste as good which is often the case because things you make or win are better than those given to you". She looked at him with renewed interest and said " I don't know, there is something to be said for the sense of comfort that you get from a sure thing." He smiled and said "for those who labor hard just to get by this is certainly the case but for men and women of leisure historically the thrill of conquest in personal matters kept them vibrant and alive." She arched an eyebrow and said "personal matters?" Warming to the conversation he smiled and said "well yes before those damned Puritans and Calvinist the pope himself was often married and had a mistress both and many men and women of leisure had lovers while still maintaining a happy home. Granted it was the exception not the rule but it also was not frowned upon as seriously as it is today." This conversation had now gotten the attention of the husband who said " this may be true but who is really a person of leisure in these uncertain times?" He smiled and said quietly but with great force "times are seldom as certain as they seem."
They drank in silence for a couple of minutes then she asked him " so you actually think an extramarital relationship can be healthy?" He immediately replied " I know it can be it has been so in the past and it is still true today."
She smiled wistfully and said "I need to think on this" After a moment he said " there is also that saying familiarity breeds contempt" She shot back quickly with "The guilt would be overwhelming" He laughed and said "Them damn puritans have you stuck in the old testament. The early christian was communal and there is strong evidence that the Corinthians were into polyamory Paul's chastisement of them was more for the solidarity of the church than from fear of hell" She gave him a long look again and said " are you a preacher or a cult leader?" He laughed and said "Neither I am a man on the lookout for that holy experience of making love to a woman I just met and pleasing her with no expectations"
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Lousy F*ucks!
Posted:Jul 8, 2018 6:38 pm
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2018 3:43 pm
Women generally are quicker to comment that a guy was a lousy F*ck and given the differences in sexual response and timing that is understandable.

But ladies believe me sometimes for some reason you too can be lousy!

I dated a girl for awhile and we went through the normal sequence on the physical ladder until one day after a series of long passionate kisses in my apartment she gave me that "melting-soft" look and I knew I had the green light. I got up reached for her hands and guided her into the bedroom, I gently unbuttoned her blouse and slid it and her bra off her shoulder in one smooth motion then sat down and started removing my clothes while she did the same. Women generally are quicker to comment that a guy was a lousy F*ck and given the differences in sexual response and timing that is understandable.

But ladies believe me sometimes for some reason you too can be lousy!

Back in my mid-20's I dated a girl for a few weeks and we went through the normal sequence of getting to know one another as well as the physical ladder until one day after a series of long passionate kisses in my apartment she gave me that "melting-soft" look and I knew I had the green light. I got up reached for her hands and guided her into the bedroom, I gently unbuttoned her blouse and slid it and her bra off her shoulder in one smooth motion then sat down and started removing my clothes while she did the same. She was laying on the bed with a little distant smile on her face and I started in, I tried massaging, nibbling licking and spanking but her pussy remained pretty dry and her nipples only slightly erect. Finally with a painful hard on at stake I just mounted her. I stroked slow & deep, fast and shallow, high & low, straight and circular. I tried pressure at different points but she just laid there, eyes usually closed, mostly un-moving. I shot my load on her stomach and laid back beside her. she dropped her arm across my chest and said "that was nice" I said "Really!? her reply was Um hm" After a while we got up and got dressed then went out to eat. I called her the next day and we talked as usual setting up date a couple days later . By unspoken agreement we repeated the performance of the first lovemaking. I felt like I was sticking my dick in a damp lukewarm dishrag but she acted like it was perfectly acceptable sex. After two such sessions I tactfully broke it off and to this day do not know where I failed or what was wrong with her. She acted like the sex was completely satisfactory and I truly hope for her sake that she found a man that could really turn her on....

First time stories
Posted:Jul 7, 2018 7:34 pm
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2018 5:57 am

We all have them, or should! Some are traumatic some sublime but all most likely they all had a big influence on our future sexual interactions for some time. This is my story. I'd be glad to hear yours!

The summer I was 15 one of my close friends stepfather owned a large campground complete with lakes and wooded trails that hosted many families from surrounding cities for 4 day weekend getaways and full vacations. This of course made it the perfect place to spend my summer doing some work, getting a little money and seeing a continuous flow of girls come and go. One of these campers rented a spot for the summer and came down every other weekend, they had a teenage daughter and she would usually bring her best friend to stay with them. After the second or third weekend they came down my friend and I started playing grab ass with them in the pool swimming underwater between their legs and copping a feel, soon they were returning the favor and doing the same to us. After one such pass my friend came up for air, turned around and faced his girl and said " you wanna f*ck?" I thought "real smooth buddy that does it for these two!" Instead she makes eye contact with her friend and says "where can we do it?" It's amazing I didn't drown my jaw dropped so far! my friend got out of the pool and called his older brother who lived a few miles away and made arrangements to get the keys to his house the next day while he was at work. The next day we loaded the girls on our motorcycles and headed to his brothers house where we banged like bunnies on Viagra! All four of us were too young to think about protection (they were 14 we were 15) I remember doing it 4 times in less than two hours. laying in each others arms for awhile talking then doing it again and again. What we lacked in creativity or diversity we made up for in quantity! I was of course not conscious of the total effect this had on me at the time but it taught me a lesson that I have never forgot. i.e. if you are a match women want it as badly as you do!

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