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temptationplus58 60F

7/12/2018 7:08 pm

I do find it funny when people say they don't want any drama... but life is full of it. You just have to respectful and honest and roll with it. If someone's behavior gets to be too much, step away. Simple as that.

pocogato12 66F  
25637 posts
7/12/2018 7:19 pm

Drama- who created this fucking social monster. Everyday is a drama and how you chose to deal with it is solely yours.
As we all know: "all the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players" from "As You Like It" as the orator proceeds to point it all out.

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7/12/2018 7:30 pm

hahahaha its just life! Drama is everywhere. Do your best. CHOOSE YOUR FUN, be cool and move on.

partygald 36F
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7/12/2018 9:25 pm

What these people mean is, I don't want your drama cos I have enough for two of us. Now handle my drama for me cos I sure as hell can't manage it on my own" -_-
I treat it as a warning sign. Steer clear

s2ndegree 60M  
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7/12/2018 11:30 pm

Sounds like you need to start with mellodrama.
Do you fit the preferences of that 110 lb coed?

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