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Tmptrzz 55F  
50170 posts
12/26/2017 1:29 pm

There is nothing worse than the DMV for sure, we have to do that soon and not looking forward to it, as I can only imagine the outrageous fees were going to have to pay for our truck here..Good luck my friend I hope it goes smoothly for you..

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HamburgDave2 75M
16569 posts
12/26/2017 1:38 pm

OMG Good Luck with that!! They will all be pissed because they are having to work

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maybejustrex4 51M  
2252 posts
12/26/2017 1:47 pm

You just have to go for 2 to 3 hours. Pity the people who are there all day.

Actually, we had a little window here in MA where the RMV was running quickly, well and pleasantly. Then the Commissioner went and got herself a better job and left us all in the lurch.

sinfullychocolat 53M
2824 posts
12/26/2017 1:48 pm

Going to my mother's house.

Being in the same room with my sister!

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s2ndegree 59M  
8154 posts
12/26/2017 1:50 pm

When you go try to be there when they open or twenty minutes before they close.
The agents are much more accommodating in the morning and step up their game in order to get out on time in the late afternoon.
Happy New Year!

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Aceofdiamonds308 28M
1 post
12/26/2017 2:13 pm

DMV sucks but my most hated location is going to the Gastro doctor.

pagancountrygirl 60F
3467 posts
12/26/2017 2:28 pm

I'm certainly not a fan of the DMV. If it's for my vehicle, I can go to the local tag office and take care of business but if it's my driver's license I have to go to an office that's more than 30 miles away....because I have a CDL. I think next year I'll drop it so I can go back to being a regular person. lol
Good luck to you!

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MyBaffies 49M
2489 posts
12/26/2017 2:46 pm

It's the Post Office with me. They make you feel as if you are interrupting their day when all you are trying to do is send a parcel or two. It's enough to put me off selling stuff on online auctions that I can't fit in a post box.


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pacnwlover42 49M
6283 posts
12/26/2017 2:48 pm

I'm not fond of hospitals, unless I absolutely have to go.

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Readmoreofeveryt 45F

12/26/2017 2:51 pm

The dentist so they can charge me thousands of dollars to hurt me n prescribe shit I'm allergic too. Grrr. Also doctor so I can repeatedly tell them shit in their files that I can n can't take med wise then they prescribe shit I have bad reactions to after hurting me by drawing blood because they can't find vein. Grrr

wantaplay8 65M
4519 posts
12/26/2017 2:57 pm

LOL ,,,I hear you about the DMV,,,Michigan Secretary of State office has a nice online ability to do most of the ordinary vehicle registration. Mi SoS mails out a registration for licence plate renew about 45 to 60 days before the renewal date. Not sure about how many days before you need licence plates that one can use the online service, about 10 maybe. Michigan Secretary of State offices also have different hours than the usual 9 to 5 hours; one day, I think Wednesday the office opens later in the day and is open until 7 pm. I know of 3 Secretary of State offices that are within 15 minutes drive time of my home. With the new extended time drivers licence I am glad the SoS mails renewal notifications,,,otherwise I would be driving on an expired licence! LOL
Best wishes for a fly through the DMV office!

bigblackman21221 48M  
4084 posts
12/26/2017 3:31 pm

What's your worst place?
Anywhere where I have to wait in line to pay for something.

Where the last place on earth you have to go that you dread with every single fiber of your being??

VA hospital

You sure you can't do what you have to do online?

eyecanplsyou 61M
309 posts
12/26/2017 3:38 pm

I'm really sorry for you. I was lucky , got lucky this year, got to renew my drivers by mail. Got my new one already. ☹🤔☮

boobwhisperer69 55M  
4764 posts
12/26/2017 4:46 pm

The DMV or the Emergency room! Both are T-Total HELL! And I too only work two days this week!

Leegs2012 45M
33898 posts
12/26/2017 4:52 pm

I here ya!! But at least you have some days off

petereu79x 39M
12 posts
12/26/2017 5:35 pm

I like the DMV. Kind of funny. All kinds of funny people are there. Fun to watch everyone.

veryfunnycple64 54M/55F  
21778 posts
12/26/2017 5:51 pm

every since they privatized license bureaus....caused the long lines!

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I_giv_pleasure 54M  
2537 posts
12/26/2017 7:08 pm

Are the lines that bad there too? Last time I went, took an hour and a half to get to the first window to say my daughter didn't have everything with her. Ugh!!!!!!

superbjversion2 63F  
12800 posts
12/26/2017 7:21 pm

I was all excited for a minute..... Hell, MI is less than an hour away!

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lok4fun500 108M  
41665 posts
12/26/2017 8:21 pm

I would say "the" SIL's!!
I know you will be able to handle the DMV with TLC!

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hotmamamm 43F  
15419 posts
12/26/2017 9:34 pm

Uff da!! I am not a fan of that place as well..LOL .. Good people watching though! Hope you had a great holiday my friend!!

1SexyGoodguy 53M

12/26/2017 9:49 pm

The DMV is certainly bad. I made good use of my time by bringing along something to read.

For me, I dread going to the Eye Doctor. Not only they use the numbing drops to dilate my eyes, but they shine a very bright light to do their examination.

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pal334 64M  
35658 posts
12/27/2017 4:45 am

Our DMV was a nightmare. About 6-7 they went through a reform (The arrest of the top management for fraud). I will say it is pleasant now . I have not spent more than 15 minutes at the DMV since then, they are quick and polite. It was a stunning turn around

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1tongue4yall 59M
2034 posts
12/27/2017 5:05 am

here where i live the DMV is only open on Wednesdays. during the winter only half day on Wednesdays. not many go to it. everything is done online or by mail.

azriel1970 48M  
22189 posts
12/27/2017 5:39 am

You know it never used to be that way but now it has become that way here. Going to do anything with car licenses or registrations can take hours now!

I feel your pain!

FBazbo 59M
4500 posts
12/27/2017 6:55 am

The one place I refuse to go is anywhere near is the mall after Thanksgiving until mid-January. I've actually had mostly benign experiences at our local DMV and the one in DC.

This one's off the market. Now I'm just here for the blogs.

oldbstrd55 61M  
3061 posts
12/27/2017 6:59 am

Lucky for me, living in a smaller city, if I go at the right time it takes longer to write the check. The urologist and I know he will want to do a scope.

lickeyzsplit 55M
378 posts
12/27/2017 7:32 am

The longest most painful waits are the emergency at the hospital 5 or 6 hour wait times are minimal & stuffy uncomfortable chairs painful.... hate to even think of it !!! Good luck at DMV xoxo

wjb1958 60M  
3522 posts
12/27/2017 8:24 am

For me it is work

citizen4722 60M  
58404 posts
12/27/2017 9:07 am

Going to the vets with my dog. I know he has to go but the price of even just a consultation is astronomical!

sexysixties2 70F  
37647 posts
12/27/2017 11:54 am

I hate taking my car for the annual roadworthiness test.....It's like having teeth pulled!!1

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gardenboy321 55M  
39417 posts
12/27/2017 12:48 pm

To me the going to the dentist is the worst.

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luvexotic 57M  
3687 posts
12/27/2017 1:43 pm

Hell for me is waiting on the train platform and then being told that all trains along my line have been cancelled until further notice, then trying to get home from the city along with thousands of others at the same time

kzoopair 67M/65F  
25320 posts
12/27/2017 4:56 pm

Our local Secretary of State's office (DMV) is pretty good. They're busy as hell but they head 'em up and move 'em out as well as Rowdy Yates ever did. And they're nice- polite, thorough and friendly.

I like the doctor's clinic I go to as well, but I had surgery performed by a different group, and their clinic's front desk was staffed by bitches on wheels. They tried to start a fight with me every time I went in there. It wasn't my fault they weren't getting laid! Most of 'em looked pretty good but I can't imagine anyone ever wanting to dip into any of them twice. There was kind of a black widow spider vibe going on at that desk. (Shudder!) Doggy style with an E collar would have been the only position safe enough to attempt!

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oldbstrd55 61M  
3061 posts
12/27/2017 6:18 pm

    Quoting  :

Yeah, the scope thing made me cringe too the first time. My mind said, No Way that's going in there.

templar_s 48M
3810 posts
12/28/2017 6:10 am

It's time to renew my drivers license, and against my better judgment, instead of doing it online, I decided that it would be a good idea to get this thing call Real ID, which apparently TSA is going to start requiring all air travelers to have.

What. A. Total. Nightmare!!! Cut a long story short, even though I have a passport, I don't qualify for Real ID unless I have another legal document reissued. No thanks, since my passport works just fine in lieu of the Real ID. I felt like 4 hours of my life was completely wasted on that futile exercise.

To make myself feel better, I applied for Global Entry. If I get that, it will more than make up for the DMV fiasco.

submokey 63M/57F
10393 posts
12/28/2017 10:16 am

DMV here a breeze, can do almost everything online! If you do go, wait times are down to 5 minutes or less! Most times, clerks are waiting to help customers!
Holiday shopping! HATE crowds! Do almost all of it online, except groceries (although I could do picklist online if I wanted to)!

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luvexotic 57M  
3687 posts
12/28/2017 2:29 pm

    Quoting  :

Probably at least twice a year, although at the moment, my line is shut down while they do some upgrade work and have replaced all trains with buses. Thankfully my job can be done by working from home.

As for getting home when stuck in the city - wait for a family member to drive in and pick me up.

templar_s 48M
3810 posts
12/29/2017 7:12 am

    Quoting  :

Yes, by 2020, all air travelers will be required to have Real ID or a passport. The Real ID is convenient because it's basically your drivers license with a gold star on it, but if you have a passport, you don't need it.

Even with precheck, you will still need to have Real ID or a passport for air travel. You should check your state too, because in some states Real ID goes into effect on Monday.

I applied for Global Entry because I travel a lot, and being able to breeze through customs and security in multiple countries for $100 every 5 years is worth it.

dafocker44 59M
888 posts
1/2/2018 8:22 am

I guess Im just kinda lucky, here in Washington! I have had to go to the DMV several times, and for the most part, I pick the right time of day and the right day of the week! A bunch of small offices and short (maybe 1 or 2 people) lines! Only problem is they gouge the hell out of you! New tabs every year and they keep going up for some reason! I thought the longer you kept a car (or SUV in my case) the less it should cost! NOT!!!!!! Rotten SOBs!!! Good thing about the licsense, good for 6 yrs!!! Hope I can still drive by then!!!!!!

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